Congratulations on writing your book! Now it’s time to put all your hard work out into the world. But don’t freak out! Just be prepared and willing to work even harder.

Before you decide whether you are going to get a literary agent, send out query letters or self-publish your book, make sure you are realistic. Has my book been professionally edited? Is my book for a mass or small market? What is my budget? Do I have connections in the publishing industry? Do I have social media accounts and use them frequently?

To help you with your research, I have listed some important questions about self-publishing below. Click the links to find answers:

What can I realistically expect from self-publication?

Why do I need a professional editor?

What is the publication process?

Why should I hire a professional book designer?

Where can I find an indexer?

What should I know about eBooks?

What is metadata?

If I self-publish, how will my book be distributed?

How can I market my book?

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