Editing Services

If your document needs professional editing, please contact me. My specialties include speculative fiction, mysteries, and spy and crime novels. I also welcome young adult and children’s fiction and travel memoirs.


Manuscript assessment

I can assess your manuscript and give you tips on improving the overall organizations, content, clarity, and flow without marking up your manuscript.

Structural editing

I can improve your manuscript’s overall organization and content.

Stylistic editing

I will edit your manuscript to clarify meaning, improve flow, and smooth language.

Copy editing

I will ensure the manuscript is free of mechanical errors (correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage), consistent, accurate, and complete.


I will ensure the typeset proof (when your manuscript in book or article format) is free of errors.

Plain language editing

This is very similar to stylistic editing. However, my focus will be on making sure that the language used is as clear and concise as it can be.

Manuscript formatting for eBook conversion

I will prepare your manuscript in Microsoft Word for eBook conversion. This may depend on the eBook publisher you are going to use.


I will help you write, edit, and design your resume.


My fee depends on your needs and the length of your document. To receive a quote, email me at editican @ gmail.com. In your email, please include and embed the following:

  • The type of editorial service you are looking for
  • Your name and contact information
  • The document’s title and word count
  • Your deadline
  • A 2500 word sample of your manuscript

Free sample edit

I will edit the sample of your manuscript that you send me (2500 words) for free!

Please note that I prefer to work in Microsoft Word. I attain to the Editors’ Association of Canada Professional Editorial Standards and abide by the Canadian Copyright Act.

I hope to hear from you soon!





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